14. September 2015: CernVM-FS 2.2.0 Server Only Pre-Release

Bugfix release version CernVM-FS 2.2.0-0 is out. This release mostly fixes a number of problems for Stratum 0 and Stratum 1 servers while we are preparing the 2.2.0-1 full release for server and client. Besides the server, we also release bugfixed versions of

  • the Mac Client
  • the library (libcvmfs.a)

Please note that this release is not for the Linux file system client. The latest Linux client is still 2.1.20 (also for updated Stratum 0 servers).

Updating the server is seamless through yum package upgrades. Please ensure that there are no open transactions on stratum 0 and no running replication processes on a stratum 1 during the RPM upgrade.

Fixes in the server

  • Fix leak of temporary files in .cvmfsdirtab processing (CVM-818). This renders the workaround described at http://cernvm.cern.ch/portal/cvmfs/fix-leaked-dirtab-tmp-files obsolete.
  • Fix crash in cvmfs_swissknife dirtab if .cvmfsdirtab contains /*
  • Cleanup snapshot lock file on crash (CVM-810)
  • Fix several CentOS 7 issues in the cvmfs_server script (CVM-737)
  • Disable caching for mutable objects in S3 backend (CVM-808)
  • Follow HTTP redirects in S3 backend
  • Fix verification of partial file chunks (CVM-842)
  • Fix leak of temporary files during garbage collection (CVM-846)
  • Handle import of repositories with an expired whitelist (CVM-780)
  • Avoid use of attr utility in the server (CVM-853)
  • Fix moving of magic symlinks into nested catalogs (CVM-874)
  • Fix rare crashes on publish due to false whiteout handling (CVM-880)
  • Add -s <S3 config file> switch to add-replica command
  • Fix leak of temporary files in the S3 backend (CVM-881)

Fixes in libcvmfs

  • Restore 2.1.19 option names (regression in 2.1.20)
  • Fix cleanup of global state
  • Fix initialization of quota manager (regression in 2.1.20)
  • Fix resolving absolute symlinks into the same repository (regression in 2.1.20)

Fixes in the Mac Client

  • Fix stack trace generation
  • Fix OS X mount helper for osxfuse 3
  • Tuned mount options for OS X

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