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CernVM-FS 0.2.61 Released

07/03/2011 CernVM-FS 0.2.61


CernVM-FS 0.2.61 is out. This is the first CernVM-FS release supporting the new namespace. All repositories are now identified by a fully qualified repository name, such as atlas.cern.ch. This facilitates to support various repositories from different domains in the future. The default domain is cern.ch. So for cvmfs-talk and the cvmfs service, atlas and atlas.cern.ch is the same. This release goes along with an updated cvmfs-init-scripts package (1.0.8). The new namespace is rooted under /cvmfs. The /mnt/cvmfs directory is not used anymore. All the /opt/... symlinks are maintained by cvmfs-init-scripts. The cvmfs package itself does not tamper with /opt anymore. The cvmfs-init-scripts are required at the moment because the installation path /opt/... was hardcoded during the software installation process. Eventually, repositories will be migrated to the new namespace and cvmfs-init-scripts will become obsolete. This release contains a couple of optimizations for the "many catalog case", such as LHCb. They improve both the cold cache and the warm cache case and substantially decrease the number of network requests. Please update with caution. For large sites, we suggest to update a couple of worker nodes and to update the rest gradually if everything turns out to work fine.

New Configuration Script Structure

In the course of changing the namespace, the config directory /etc/cvmfs had to be re-arranged as well. All config files (*.conf) may be locally altered by a .local file with the same prefix. The structure is as follows
CernVM-FS supplied default values. Don't modify.
Optional local config file (the previous /etc/cvmfs/local.d/default.conf)
Public keys necessary to verify repositories. Installed by cvmfs-keys RPM.
Domain specific configuration, such as configuration for cern.ch
Repository specific configuration. Various config files are installed by cvmfs-init-scripts.
Note: please do not blindly copy /etc/cvmfs/default.conf to /etc/cvmfs/default.local. Set only variables you actually need to change in /etc/cvmfs/default.local. In any case, use the cvmfs_config chksetup command in order to identify common misconfigurations.

New RPMs

Besides cvmfs and cvmfs-init-scripts there are new RPMs available:
CernVM public key to verify repository signatures
Only available through yum. This is a wrapper for cvmfs_config setup. This is supposed to provide automatic configuration for the ATLAS Tier3s.
For the server part:
redirfs, kmod-redirfs
Kernel module framework used by the CernVM-FS file system change log filter
cvmfsflt, kmod-cvmfsflt
The CernVM-FS file system change log filter

Migration from CernVM-FS 0.2.55

In order to migrate from CernVM-FS 0.2.55 please follow these steps after updating the software:
  1. Move your /etc/cvmfs/local.d/default.conf to /etc/cvmfs/default.local. Note that CVMFS_CACHE_DIR parameter changed its name to CVMFS_CACHE_BASE. Afterwards you can delete the /etc/cvmfs/local.d directory to avoid confusion.
  2. Rename the repository cache directories to fully qualified repository names. For instance, rename /var/cache/cvmfs2/atlas to /var/cache/cvmfs2/atlas.cern.ch. This step is not absolutely necessary but if you don't do it the old-style cache directories remain as garbage.
  3. Make sure that the /etc/auto.master file links the /etc/auto.cvmfs map to the new /cvmfs namespace.
  4. Make sure that user_allow_other is set in /etc/fuse.conf
Use service cvmfs restartautofs in order to apply all changes and to flush the file system buffers. Use cvmfs_config chksetup, cvmfs_config showconfig, and service cvmfs probe for debugging.

From the change log

  • Log mount/unmount to syslog
  • Improved handling of faulty proxies
  • cvmfs-talk reads the cache directory from the configuration
  • Added probe and restartautofs commands to the cvmfs service
  • The cvmfs repositories are mounted read-only
  • Increased number of internal file descriptors to 512
  • Added options to write difference set to cvmfs_pull
  • Added a secure mode (fail on errors) to cvmfs_pull
  • Intermediate catalogs are handled by cvmfs_pull
  • Various small bugfixes