5. April 2016: CernVM-FS 2.2

Update 26. May 2016: CernVM-FS 2.2.3

Bug fix version CernVM-FS 2.2.3 released.  This version incorporates fixes from version 2.2.2 as well.  Please find the list of fixed bugs in our technical documentation.

CernVM-FS version 2.2.1 is out! Version 2.2 contains a number of improvements and bugfixes. Please find detailed release notes in our technical documentation.

Substential improvements in this release are:

  • Move to semantic versioning. Bugfix releases to this release will be named 2.2.Z with an increasing value for Z. In parallel, we will work on feature release cvmfs version 2.3.
  • Support for Overlay-FS on the release manager machine as an alternative to aufs. Please note that Overlay-FS on RHEL 7 is unfortunately not yet functional enough to operate with a cvmfs release manager machine. The Overlay-FS versions in Fedora 23 and Ubuntu 15.10 do work.
  • Support for extended attributes, such as file capabilities and SElinux attributes.
  • Support for the SHA-3 derived SHAKE-128 algorithm as an alternative to the aging SHA-1 and RIPEMD-160 content hash algorithms.
  • New platforms: OS X El Capitan (client only), AArch64 (experimental), Power 8 little-endian (experimental)

As with previous releases, upgrading should be seamless just by installing the new package from the repository. Please take special care when upgrading a cvmfs client in NFS mode. As of this release, we also provide an apt repository.  As usual, we recommend to update only a few worker nodes first and gradually ramp up the new version if things turn our all right.

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